Sign up for any of the 3 tiers of monthly SUBSCRIPTION by visiting this LINK: Burn Fit Tribe Home Page

$40 - CLASS PASS: LIVESTREAM Classes + Unlimited Video on Demand Library. This is an All ACCESS CLASS PASS to the LIVE CLASS SCHEDULE below!

$15 - 1 Live Class/month + Unlimited Video on Demand Library - this subscription gives access to 1 live class per month plus unlimited viewing of over 200 Cardio Burn & Burn Groove Yoga classes! There are new classes added every week! 

$5 - ONLY Video on Demand Library - view over 200 Cardio Burn & Burn Groove Yoga classes! New classes are added to the library every week! 

$10 - Single classes Drop in Fee for a SINGLE Live stream or Outdoor class. Pay via VENMO @biancasnyder or pay $10 HERE to also receive 72hr access to the Burn Fit Tribe On Demand Class Library. 


All LIVE CLASSES are on 

Monday 6pm CST: Cardio Burn* with Bianca  

Tuesday 7:45pm CST: WERQ with Jenny

Wednesday 6pm CST: WERQ  with Bianca  

Thursday 6pm CST: WERQ with Bianca 

Thursday 11am CST: Burn Groove Yoga with Bianca

Saturday 11am CST: Cardio Burn* with Bianca

*Cardio Burn uses light weights (1-3lbs) or you can use 2 food cans. 

OUTDOOR classes are on a special pop up class basis. Any changes to outdoor classes for weather or something else will be sent to the OUTDOOR WERQ CLASS EMAIL LIST - SIGN UP HERE.  Outdoor location is 378 W Oak St. in Chicago. Its a field with some nice shade from the trees. 


Movement class to get your heart pumping and burn out your muscles with high reps and light weights (using 1-3lb weights OR food cans).   Get ready to sweat and get your cardio in while also working your muscles to the max. Your muscles will be BURNing to high energy music and fun mixes! Get ready to shake and tone your booty and have fun while you are at it!   Join us for a complementary trial class and also an ON Demand Video access HERE.


Burn Groove Yoga is a fun vinyasa flow, with upbeat music that is sure to make you smile and sweat. Designed to stimulate your body and mind while improving flexibility and overall strength. Some movements groove to the music while other songs uplift your spirit. In this class you can expect high energy, playfulness, and inspiration to get your body moving and clear your mind.
Students of all levels are welcome, with the intent to come MOVE, SWEAT and have FUN! Vinyasa will meet you where you are and all the necessary cues will be given to get you through the poses in a challenging, but also accessible way.  In the comfort of your home you can get as groovy as you wish, but be ready to strengthen, lengthen and sweat!  Join us for a complementary trial BURN GROOVE YOGA class and also an ON Demand Video access HERE

WERQ Dance Fitness: 

WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance class based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. The workout is nonstop with repetitive athletic moves and fresh dance steps, so you get the best sweat. WERQ Instructors build a playlist based on trendsetting pop and hip hop music.